Ways To Last Longer In Bed And Make Her Happy

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Ways To Last Longer In Bed

If you are struggling to last longer in bed, don’t worry you’re not alone. There are many men that face the problem of premature ejaculation at some point in his life. This article reveals the best secrets to prolong sex.  

Just like any other activities, you can improve your stamina and duration during sexual intercourse by preparing for it beforehand.

Never assume that your partner will take care of it, it’s your body. You’re in charge of taking care of it.

We have a number of tips to help you impress your partner at a bed and improve your performance.

Here are tips to last Longer in Bed

Masturbation and longevity:  According to some expert, masturbation can also improve your longevity. However, it also depends on how you masturbate.

If you rush through it, you could inadvertently decrease the time you last with your partner. By practicing on your own, you will be able to learn more about your body’s reaction.

The secret here is making it last, just like you want when you are with your partner.

Use a condom to help last longer:  Many people feel that wearing a condom reduces their pleasure and sensitivity they experience during sex. However, if you are trying not to come out so soon, then perhaps you need this.

Condom not only gives you a safer sex but it can actually build up your stamina, help prevent premature ejaculation and give you prolongs sexual excitement.

Break a bad habit and replace it with a good one: If you want to enjoy sex with your partner as much as you want, you should cut down on your bad habit and replace it with a good one.

Some lifestyle can negatively affect your performance in bed.  Try to break the really challenging habits such as smoking, alcohol or drugs.

Ejaculation should occur when you want it but the nicotine in your brain can cause it to become confused and result in premature ejaculation.

The nicotine can also narrow blood vessels and limit blood circulation when you don’t have good blood flow, your erection will become soft and over time it can damage your arteries permanently.

You can set target goals where you consistently decrease the quantity or time that you do it.

Use last longer cream or delay gels: There are some special desensitizing creams or delay gels that give you instant relief from premature climax and enables you to stay longer in bed.

You can get such spray or cream without prescription like Promescent. This spray is quite popular among many men to help treat premature ejaculation.

You need to apply these sprays on your penis a few minutes before you engage in your sexual activity.  You can order on Amazon.

Take pleasure pills for men:  Besides creams or gel, there are also pills to prolong the love making.  Although most of them are not approved by the FDA, they are proven to be effective and have become a solution for many men.

Here are some of such pills-

  • Dapoxetine
  • Sildenafil or Viagra
  • Prosolution Plus
  • Dapovar
  • Climatrol

Eat Testosterone Boosting Foods

There are certain foods that can help you last longer in bed. Click here to know the food that can boost your erectile strength in the bed.  


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