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Six Places Women Like to Be Touched

Do you feel that you are not doing your best to provide her the best pleasure and experience in bed?

Don’t worry because this article shows different places women like to be touched to show her that you really care about her pleasure.

There are certain parts of women body that need to be touch, bits, sucks to nurtured, teased to give her maximum pleasure.

Here are 6 places women like to be touched

1: Stroke your fingers through her hair

Most men find themselves being attracted to a woman with long hair because it is the symbol of femininity.

Women on the other hand generally don’t like people to mess around with their hair, but it’s a completely total different story in bed. They love it and it can really turn her on.

Move around her hair gently with your finger and softly graze your fingertips on her scalp. It will really make her feel good.

2: Stimulate her by nibbling her ear

Gently kiss her earlobe or hold it lightly in your mouth and touch lightly with your lips.

Never underestimate the power of the low moan or a sultry whisper sent directly into her ear canal her, it will give her one step ahead to get into the mood instantly.

3: Women get aroused when they are kissed on their neck

Kissing on her neck is another factor to impress her and treat her well.

Most women want you to start at her neck because it’s one of the most vulnerability parts that drive her drives wild. This is the spot where you can give her Goosebumps.

4: Her Inner thighs

If you want to master your woman pleasure, you will need to show a little love to her inner thighs as well.  Massaging her butt and her legs can awake her.

Gently touch or kiss her inner thigh as you move closer to her sweet spot, this will raise a pleasure level and give her maximum stimulation.

5: Give your woman a nipples orgasm

When you sucked her nipple, it releases an oxytocin, a type of chemical that makes them feel like that they are in love.  You can start by touching and licking both of her breasts.

Try to use tongue in lapping motion all around her breast covering every centimeter.

When both of her breasts are suitably wet from your tongue, gently suck her nipple.

Don’t forget to give equal attentions to both of her breast and nipples.

6: Give Her Clitoris orgasm

Without giving her clitoris orgasm, you won’t actually give her the kind of pleasure she needs. According to some study, 70% of women require clitoral stimulation during intercourse to achieve orgasm.

It is one of the most important parts when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

There are couples of ways to give her clitoris stimulation; you can use your either finger or lips to rub around her clitoris,

However, if you want to use your finger, you have to make it sure that your fingernails are nice and trimmed since it can give her a painful experience instead of pleasure.


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