Questions To Turn On A Girl | Intimate Question To Ask

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Questions To Turn On A Girl | Intimate Question To Ask

Having eyes on a particular girl but have no idea where to start?

Maybe you‘re here because you want to lead the talk and make her horny.

Well, this article explains how to make a girl horny and have a fun time using 3 simple questions to turn on a girl.

To be honest, I used to be unsuccessful with women.

The problem is…

The more I tried harder to make her horny, the more she treated me like a friend.

No matter how deep you try, if you are in the friend zone, she will never see you as anything other than a buddy or a pal.

If you are in a friend zone, she may say thing like…

  • You’re like my brother to me.
    • I love that we can talk about anything.
    • I am not looking for a relationship right now.
    • Where are all the great guys gone?
    • You are so sweet.

The truth is… none of these has a happy ending.

I really wanted to figure out what was going wrong.

Despite doing everything right, I never seemed to have much success with girls.

I would frequently take her out on dates and treat her well;

I would buy her expensive gifts, shower her with love and praise her on a daily basis.

I was actually kind of exhausted trying to please her all the time.

It wasn’t that I am not a nice guy. I felt like I am constantly rejected even when I am doing my best.

However, I found out that I wasn’t the only one who gets rejected by girls romantically.

Even if I could get her to go on a date, she would never put out.

She didn’t even seem interested in getting to know my feeling.

I often wondered if she knew even we were on a date.

If you’re just another typical guy like me who is hoping to get lucky with a girl and do all sorts of naughty thing, then these simple questions to turn on a girl can be interesting.

These may sound a little odd but do me a favor and just try them and see what happens. I am sure you’re going to love using these.


Questions To Turn On A Girl

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

You might be wondering how this could possibly turn her on, but I promise it works like crazy.

It’s kind of like how women are always attracted to musicians even though many of them look kind of ill and kind of dirty.

To make her fantasize and able to control her reaction, you need a story and a plot line to follow.

You have to get her forming picture in her mind where she will be satisfied in all ways.

When you invite her to think outside her usual realm, you are actually encouraging her to open up with you and fantasize with you.

This often leads to sexual fantasizing with you.

You may not notice but there is always remarkable magical connection stuff involves.

She will always provide information to you; it can help you get to start taking advantage of her.

Play into her fantasy and take her somewhere that reminds her of what she craves deep inside.

What are you afraid of?

This question is hilarious, but it is super-powerful.

When asking this, it makes her feel vulnerable.

Women’s instincts state that when they feel vulnerable they emotionally started seeking comfort usually from a man.

Our deep link biology cannot alter so easily.

By asking her to think something scary, you will initiate her natural fight or flight response in her mind, which gets her pulse racing.

The symptoms are a lot like a physiologic arousal and she will want to blow off steam after.

What is your passion?

Do you know why do people like to spend so much time talking about themselves?


“Everyone loves himself or herself best; this is the way of human nature”. – Buddha



It is estimated that people spend 60 percent of conversations talking about themselves and this figure jumps to 80 percent when communicating via social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

People love to talk about their passions and when you ask her to talk about her passion, it will naturally start to releases endorphins that will make her feel warm and incredible.

She will associate those sexy feeling with you, even if she doesn’t know why.

Women are looking for the one person they can invest themselves with and sharing their passion in a huge part of that.

Once she hears these simple questions to turn a girl on, one day she will turn around and see you in a different light and take you very seriously.


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