Natural Ways To Maintain Erect On Demand Without Any Meds

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Natural Ways To Maintain Erect On Demand Without Any Meds

Before we discuss Natural ways to maintain erect on demand, let’s first talk about erection killers, the things that fight against your penis power.

These are important issues to address because if not, you will be fighting an uphill battle that will be exceedingly tough to win.

For example, if you are spending all day in drinking beer and eating junk foods your chances of successful weight loss are low.

What are the factors that affect your erection?

There are four factors that affect your erections and these factors actually occur from 4 other things. They are-

  • Weak penis muscles
  • Low testosterone
  • Weak Heart
  • Blockage and blood vessels

The above factors are usually caused by-

  • Old age
  • Overweight
  • Masturbation and
  • Other bad habits

Old age: The age factor is one of the main reasons why you are unable to get a hard rock erection. As you age, it drastically reduces the production of a hormone known as testosterone, which you may already familiar with it by now.

Testosterone is one of the main hormones that that are responsible for masculine characteristics, including strength and muscles.

Most people do not know what they can do to increase the testosterone production.

You can take the test yourself to know if your testosterone level is low. It is called ADAM self-test. It has 10 questions to complete the test.

Here are the top 5 questions to ask yourself to see if you have a low testosterone level.

  1. Have you had a decrease in Libido (Sex drive)? Yes or No
  2. Have you had a lack of energy? Yes or No
  3. Has your strength and endurance declined? Yes or NO
  4. Is your erection not strong? Yes or No
  5. Has your work performance declined? Yes or No

If you’re answered is “yes” to at least 3 of them, then you likely to have low testosterone levels.

Thankfully there are many ways that you can naturally increase your testosterone levels, which we will discuss later in this article.

Overweight:  Too much of excess fat in your body can also affect your erect on demand seriously.  When you are overweight, two things happen that are not good for your erection.

Firstly, your heart loses its ability to pump blood to your body weakens, since a good amount of blood is required for good erect on demand.

Secondly, when you have excess fat, the fat can start to block some of the small blood vessels in your body and the arteries the blood fills up in your penis are part of those that get blocked.

3 Natural ways to maintain erect on-demand power

No doubt, many drugs can help you get and sustain an erection but when you use them for some time, they eventually lose their effectiveness.

The natural ways to maintain erect we will discuss here is a bit different.

Here are the three activities that you can follow-

  1. Do these 3 power up exercises
  2. Drink these 2 types of water
  3. Eat this body strengthening type of foods.

3 Power up exercise:

3 Power up exercise

When it comes to increasing your sexual strength and maintaining a hard erection for a longer period of time, there are 3 types of exercises you need to consider trying them out.

These exercises are-

  • Smart weight lifting
  • Instant Aerobic exercise and
  • Penile exercises.

1: Smart weight lifting

If you want to boost testosterone production, you need to lift heavy weights

Talking about the heavyweight, unless your goal is to build muscle and look like a bodybuilder, we are not talking about spending a countless number of hours in the gym pumping and toning.

Lifting heavy weight cane enhances your muscle strength but remember we are not here to lift weight to become a bodybuilder.

Smart weightlifting requires you to have either one or both of the tools below:

  • Dumbbells or
  • Barbells.

Dumbbells: The weight or size of the dumbbells varies depending on your strength level and ability to adhere. Essentially, you need one that is heavy enough for you to lift at least 10 times before you need to rest.

Eventually, you can even get a heavier one when the one you are using begin to get lighter.

You can also use Bar Bells but the weight should be heavy enough to lift at least 10 times as well.

There are four types of exercise you can do with these weights and you can perform these workouts from a small space in your house.

Here are four exercises-

  1. Squat
  2. Shoulder lift
  3. Lunges
  4. Bench Presses

You can execute these 4 exercises with either dumbbell or barbell, the main idea behind this to work them into your daily routine.

2: Instant Aerobic Exercises

It very common for aerobic exercises to involve the leg muscles, primarily or exclusively. For example, running or walking.

Some of the aerobic exercises include strengthening your heart and lungs. It can also lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes and lower your blood pressure.

The basic aerobic exercises you need to power up your erect on demand are-

  1. Skipping
  2. Jogging
  3. Climbing stairs

You can put weight lifting and cardio into a set of workout; you just need about 10 minutes to do these workouts each morning.

Erection power up exercise#1

  • Jog on a spot- 3 minutes
  • Squat ( with either barbells or dumbbells)- 10 repetitions
  • Shoulder press ( with either barbells or dumbbells ) – 10 repetitions
  • Skipping- 3 minutes

Erection power up exercise#2

  • Skipping- 2 minutes
  • Lunges ( With either barbells or dumbbells)- 10 repetitions
  • Bench press ( with either barbells or dumbbells)- 10 repetitions
  • Jogging on a spot- 3 minutes
  • Squat ( With either barbells or dumbbells) – 10 repetitions


3: Penile exercise

This is one of the exercises that most people hardly talk about because most of the people are not aware of it.

If you can spend some few minutes a day to strengthen your penis muscles by doing these exercises, it will not only help you get frequent and stronger erection but will also help you to last longer in bed as well.

The exercises are focused on the PC muscle which is one of the muscles that connects the penis.

Strengthening and learning to control this muscle, you will find, is what I call; The Ultimate Sex Secret that Most Men Never discover and Use.

These PC exercises involve doing a set of easy-to-learn pelvic-muscle exercises. First, you must locate your PC muscle.

It’s actually easier for the men to locate this muscle and do these exercises than it is for women.

Simply stop your urine midstream when you urinate. This not only teaches you how to find the PC muscle but gets you started on your exercises.

Stop and restart your urination 5 times during every trip to the bathroom. Using your ability to stop the flow of urine will help you control your ejaculations.

Ancient techniques refer to this process simply as “tightening the anus” because that is what you are indirectly doing when flexing the PC muscles. You can flex the PC muscle quickly and repeatedly, or clench tight and hold for as long as you can.

You can flex the PC muscle quickly and repeatedly, or clench tight and hold for as long as you can.

This latter exercise is tougher than it sounds, yet this is the exercise that will help you prolong your erections and increase the force with which you ejaculate.

Once you’ve found your PC muscle, you can start doing the PC Exercises anytime, anywhere. You want to squeeze your PC muscle from time to time on a daily basis.

You want to squeeze your PC muscle from time to time on a daily basis.

These are the PC Exercises:

  1. Perform quick PC CLAMPS – Squeeze and release your pc muscle, over and over. Start with sets of twenty, and then build to 100 or more. Do at least 250 PC clamps every day, for the rest of your life. Your goal is to be capable of creating 1,000 clamps a day. Practice LONG SQUEEZES by holding the PC muscle clamped tightly for thirty seconds, or as long as you can. The way to do the PC clamp is by doing the same thing you do when you want to stop urine. Easy, right?
  2. Try doing STAIR STEPS: Tighten and loosen in increments. Tighten for a couple of seconds, loosen for a couple of seconds. Do it over and over again.
  3. PC FLUTTER: Tighten the PC muscle as slowly as you possibly can. Once you’ve finished the slow squeeze (to where you can’t squeeze anymore), let go. At some point it will “flutter,” and you’ll feel energy sparkling up 12 your spine.
  4. Concentrate on deep, slow breathing while you do this. This is great for restoring energy when you’re running down! When you urinate and you want to let those last squirts shootout, you use your PC muscle in the other direction. By doing this you’ll feel your anus open and the sensation is different. This is called the PUSH OUT PC. Most men can do these exercises anywhere since they’re seldom aroused by the exercises. Continued over a long period of time, these exercises will help you to get greater arousal, enhanced orgasms, and longer-lasting sex. Make these some of the simplest, most beneficial exercises you should do.

Keep Yourself Hydrated By Taking These 2 Types of Water

Keep Yourself Hydrated By Taking These 2 Types of Water

One of the easiest ways that you can use to quickly put a lot of fatigue on your body is by dehydrating yourself and this is what a lot of men do on a daily basis unconsciously.

When you keep yourself hydrated, it affects a lot of things in your body and this also affects your reproduction system and sends a signal to your body that you are not starving.

There are 2 types of water that you should be using to hydrate yourself on a daily basis.

They are:

  1. Pure water and
  2. Water from fruits like watermelon, oranges and other watery fruits.

One of the best habits you can ever create for your health is to pour down a full cup of water when you wake up in the morning.

This alone helps you to cleanse your body systematically and gets your system ready, energetic and effective.

And make sure that you continue to take in more water as you go along during the day. It is as simple as that.

Apart from the natural undiluted water that you get from fruits, your body also gets a lot of minerals that are important for the cells and muscles of your body.

Eat these Body Strengthening Types of Foods

This is important. There are some types of foods that help you to fuel your body with real energy.

These foods also help your muscles and tissues to rebuild.

The main foods that do this top-notch are –

Green vegetables and fruits

Before you start to think you already know what I am telling you here, let me quickly tell you this: Chinese men are known for how they look young and strong even at old age.

Do you have an idea of what could be the secret? Well, it is mainly their diet. Their habit of always exercising their bodies is another factor but it is mainly about their wonderful diet.

Their diet usually consists of a lot of green vegetables. Ask the average Nigerian man to eat some green salad and he will say he is not animal.

Of course, he is not an animal because animals are far stronger than him because they feed mainly on these organic vegetables.

These days, our normal diet consists of a lot of canned and industrialized 15 foods and that explains why a lot of men are losing their power and penis to this simple thing.

What is my point here?

My point is that if you want to consistently have raw…manly energy that powers your reproductive system to function at a top level, start to include a lot of green vegetables and fruits in your diet and keep it that way.

Talking about fruits:

Whenever I talk about fruits, a lot of people quickly start to ask if they can just take the fruit juices that are been sold. I am talking about stuff like Chivita, Five Alive, and the likes.

These products mainly contain a lot of chemicals including sugar that is not good for your erections.

The fruits I am talking about are the natural fruits and the preferred ones are:

  • Watermelon
  • Oranges
  • Grapes
  • Pineapples
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Avocado
  • banana

You have heard the saying before that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” Right?

Now, you have a good idea of why they say that.

About Green vegetables, I am not only talking about just leafy green vegetables only, you should also go for vegetables like carrots and cabbage and other vegetables of their kinds.

Make up your mind to drink a cup of water when you wake up in the morning and also include a lot of green vegetables in your diet for just 2 weeks.

A Word about Supplements and Drugs

The first thing you need to know is that out of every 100 sexual enhancement drug out there, 70% of them are fake and you are probably going to lose your health and money trying to find the effective 30% all by yourself.

When it comes to boosting your erection power and man health with supplements, the main supplement that you need are the ones that help you to boost your testosterone levels.

One powerful testosterone supplement that works magic if you are able to lay your hands on the genuine ones is Spartagen XT.


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