Maca Herb for ED | Does It Really Boost Sex Drive?

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Maca Herb for ED | Is It Really Good Your Male Sex Drive?

Historically Maca herb played an important role in traditional food and medicinal plant among the Andean people.

This herb is believed to have been cultivated in the San Blas area of the Junin plateau of Peru’s Central Highlands as far back as 2000 years ago.

It was an integral part of the diet and commerce of high Andes Region in Peru.

Maca herb was considered very valuable and powerful and its use was restricted to the commoners. It is only reserved for the royalties.

According to folklore, Maca herbs are taken by Inca imperial warriors before going to battle to increase their strength.

When the Spaniards arrived in Peru (1532) and learned about this unique and powerful herb, they exported it to Spain and was used only by Spanish royalties.

It was only the year 1960 that Maca Herb becomes popular to the rest of the world, a botanist that were researching botanicals in Peru came across it, analyzed it for nutrition and designated it as one of the lost crops of the Andes.

Maca herb for enhancing sexual function

If you want to make love, not war, Maca herb might be the right choice you for you.

Researchers have explored the biochemistry behind the sexual function and stamina associated with this herb.

Many studies found that Maca root could significantly improve sexual performance and sexual desire.

A double-blind study that included fifty men who had mild erectile dysfunction were enrolled. 25 of them were given 2400 mg of maca root daily and the other 25 of the men were given a placebo.

After 12 weeks of the treatment, the men who took Maca experienced significant improvement in sexual function more than those who take a placebo.

How does Maca Herb work?

Maca contains unique bioactive ingredients called Macaenes and Macamides, they are believed to be responsible for increasing libido and stamina.

When researchers increased Mmacamides and Macanenes in animal’s diet, it shows dramatic improvement in sexual activity and stamina.

Some studies indicated that maca does not affect levels of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, follicle-stimulating hormone but it works on the receptors for the hormones rather than the actual hormones.

The possible Side effect

The side effect associated with the intake of Maca is usually minor if they follow the recommended dosage.

However, the overdosage of maca may cause the following side effects-

  • Insomnia: feel restlessness, sleeplessness at night or profuse sweating
  • Bloating and flatulence: abdominal cramps or diarrhea  
  • Goiter: Can experience a cough and make it difficult to swallow or breath, usually caused by Iodine deficiency
The precautions to be followed before taking Maca Herb
  • If you are suffering from prostate cancer, enlarged prostate gland or testicular cancer, you first need to consult your doctor before using this herb.
  • It is important to take a week off after using Maca herb for four weeks. This would allow time for the body to absorb nutrients
  • Maca may not give you a positive result if you are also taking a drug like an anti-depressant; you need to consult your physician if you are under such medication.
  • Do not take this herb before going to bed as the stimulant properties of maca root may make it difficult to sleep.
Maca Herbs dosage for boosting sexual performance

A particular study conducted at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peru showed that about 3g of Maca taken daily raises the sexual desire in men in the age group of 21-56 within 8 weeks.

Likewise, use of maca tablet containing 1500-3000 mg /day of maca for four months, increases seminal volume, sperm count per ejaculate, motile sperm count and serum motility.

Men suffering erectile dysfunction can be improved by taking 2400mg/day.

This was shown in experiments performed on men suffering from ED at Department of Urology, Morgagni-Pierantoni Hospital, Forti Italy.

To avoid to side effect it is always wise to start with the lowest possible dose and gradually increase upwards, depending on the need.

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