How To Get A Bigger Penis Without Medication: Natural Solution

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How To Get A Bigger Penis Without Medication

If you are a man and looking for an answer on how to get a bigger penis without medication then you should keep reading this article.

In this post, you will find the best method and tricks to strengthen your penis naturally that you can apply in your spare time.

4 Excellent Way To Get Bigger Penis


Penis Pump- Best way fast girth gainPenis Pump- Best Way For Fast Girth Gain

Penis pumps can improve your sexual life- simple and easy at home; this device is widely available in the market right now.

The size of an erect on demand generally depends on the amount of blood that your penis can hold at any given point in time.

The Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum to draw blood into the penis. This causes your erectile tissues to engorge with blood and allows to make it larger. It doesn’t require you to be sexually aroused to do its job.

However, like any other male enhancement products, you may find some issues while using penile pumps.

Pumping too hard can literally cause a problem to tissues covering the erectile chambers.

Incorrect usage according to research leads to NO substantial changes in penis enlargement. The device itself is quite simple and relatively easy to use.

It has several parts such as a cylinder in which you place your penis, a rubber ring that is used to help create a seal between your body and the cylinder and a pump head.

You need to manually create a vacuum by pumping the air out of the cylinder, which will increase blood flow to your penis and filled the individual cells with blood, causing them to expand.

You can use them almost everywhere in private but many men prefer to use it in the shower, a place where you can be naked.

If you use 10 minutes a day for at least 3 months then can add up to 3 inches in penis length and 30% in girth.

The pump usually comes in plastic and rubber so you there is nothing in the unit that can be damaged by water.

Water penis pump

Water penis pumpThis device is called a water penis pump because it uses water to create under pressure instead of air. It is a new way of a penis pump.

Some say it’s more effective than traditional penis pumps with air pressure.  It has a water chamber for a more hygienic, safe and comfortable use.

After a regular period of use, your penis will stretch both in length and width and your gains will stay with you. The core working principle of penis water pump is expansion; it’ll cause your penile tissue to grow.

The expansion also causes your penis to tear and receive nutrient-rich blood. This further causes the tunica tissue and the smooth muscles in your penis to expand.  This device is perfect to use while you take a bath or shower.

Penis Extender

Penis Extender

The penis extender is a device that you can wear on your penis; it is designed to stretches the length of the organ causing it to grow over time.

However, this isn’t a fast process. It requires wearing each day, at least five to eight hours a day for 6 months.

There are different penis stretchers that you can choose from.

Some of which include-

  • Size genetics
  • Jes Extender
  • Pro Extender
  • Male Edge

Penis enlargement oils

Penis enlargement oilsThere are many effective oils which can help penis enhancement.

Before you use penis pumps, penis extender or any penis exercise, you may want to consider using penis enlargement oil.

You can simply massage your genitals to further absorb nutrients and all you to achieve a best possible result.

Apply it regularly and definitely you will see an amazing result in no time.

You can either let your partner massage it for you or can do it yourself. Be warned that if you massage rapidly, ejaculation happens quickly.

Make sure that no one enters your room while you massage.

When looking to buy penis oil, look for the product that includes herbal extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants.

You can increase your penis size using herbs

If you want to increase your penis size and erection strength by using some natural herbs, there’s a way.

There are some herbs which can stimulate blood flow to your genital area and help it to get erect on demand.

You can pay attention to the following natural herbal extracts to boost your result:

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is often used to boost memory but many scientific studies have shown that it also helps with blood circulation to the penis.

According to the University of California, USA, Ginkgo Biloba has cerebral enhancing effects and was found to be 84% effective in treating antidepressant that can lead to sexual dysfunction.  (1)

Gingko leaf is widely available in health food stores or you can also order online. Since this herb has relatively less side effect, it is worth a try.

The dried leaves of this herb can be used as a tea. It is also available in capsule and even in form of a tablet.

Maca Root 

Maca Root

This herb has become very popular worldwide as an aphrodisiac.

Many men taking maca root supplement have been known to experience an increase in sperm quality and improve overall sexual function.

Due to the contained of photochemical Macamindes and Macaenes, it is said to boost energy and assist men to maintain erections.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red ginseng

This herb is well-known around the world for its aphrodisiac qualities. Ginseng is also often referred to as the king of all herbs.

It is mostly used to enhance sexual performance and satisfaction.

Ginseng has been used to treat erect on demand problem by Chinese medical practitioners for centuries and it is one of the most precious herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.

Researchers have revealed that constituents of the herbs may support testosterone level and male sex hormone balance.

Other benefits of Korean Ginseng-

Although Korean ginseng is widely used to boost sexual performance, it has many other benefits as well. Some of which are-

  • Alleviates fatigue
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve skin and hair
  • Improve cardiovascular health

<<<Click here to learn how to make Korean red ginseng tea>>>

Some Penis Enlargement Workouts

Just like exercise for other parts of your body, penis exercise also works on the same principle to increase their muscles mass.

However, penis tissues are not the same as skeletal muscles in the biceps, triceps or legs.

The penis largely consists of smooth muscles. In reality, the penis comprised of 50 percent of smooth muscles, the same one you find in your abs.

So the penile tissue needs to be completely relaxed for your penis to enlarge and lengthen.

There are some basic types of penile enlargement exercise you can try.  Some of the most popular penis exercises include-


If your main goal is to improve size and hardness of penis, this exercise is the place you need to start.

Some men are able to add up to 2 inches in length and girth with a dedicated jelqing exercise routine.

Here’s a video on How Do To Jelq Step By Step by Elite Manliness

Kegel Exercise

This exercise is also known as pelvic floor exercise because it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

If you practice this exercise for about five minutes daily you will likely see significant improvement in the hardness of your penis and last longer in bed.

Although Kegel exercise doesn’t directly enlarge the penis, it can give you the following benefits-

  • More erect on demand erection.
  • A harder erection that lasts
  • Increase ejaculation force and volume
  • Indirectly enlarge the penis, through increase blood flow
  • Help cure urinary incontinence
  • Healthier prostate
  • Prevent prolapsed pelvic organs. 
Best Foods to Increase Penis Size

Next time when you’re in the grocery store, make it a goal to pick out the following foods for your enlargement.



This vegetable is essential in the diet of anyone looking for a good blood circulation throughout the body to the heart.

Many people seldom realize that onion can help maintain blood flow and reduce inflammation in the blood vessels.

Adding these foods regularly to your diet can improve blood circulation and can prove to very healthy for your heart.




GarlicAmong all the food to improve blood circulation, garlic is known to be one of the most impressive.

It not only helps to prevent plaque buildup but it also provides blood cleaning qualities.

Garlic is essential in the diet of anyone looking for a healthy blood circulation and hard rock erection.



Dark and leafy veggies


These vegetables are usually rich sources of magnesium, potassium, and fiber which are the key factor for healthy heart and penis health.

Vegetables such as kale and spinach are thought to be contained the highest level of nutrients.

It will help you to cleanse and detoxify your blood adding in potentially not only circulatory benefits but also respiratory ones as well.





Another food to add to your sexual health is ginger. This herb is known for its ability to combat nausea and is thought to boost blood flow.

It can be eaten raw or added to food. You can also add to your daily tea to help boost your immune system and promote healthy circulation for improving erect on demand.






Oranges and other citrus fruits contain a high amount of vitamin C.

They act as natural blood thinners and are said to strengthen capillary walls and prevent plaque build up which leads to poorer blood circulation.





Dark chocolate

dark chocolate

Researchers say that dark chocolate can help the body form a more nitric oxide, a compound that causes your blood vessels to dilate and blood to flow more easily.

It is rich in natural flavonoids, which improves circulation and can benefit cardiovascular health.





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