Foods That Help Erection on Demand

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Foods That Help Erection on Demand

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and wondering if there is a food that helps erection and wants to last longer in bed then the secret of strong erection may lie on your foods in the kitchen.

Foods that are rich in aphrodisiac and antioxidants can help you get strong erections, sustain longer and satisfy your partner better.

Just as healthy food fuel your body, essential for the functioning of your body normally. Likewise, there are certain foods that can help improve your sexual health and boost your sex drive.

4 best foods that help erection and increase the blood flow

1: Raw Cacao Products

Raw Cacao is one of the best foods for erections found on the planet.  The high-quality Cacao may seem somewhat bitter, but they are loaded with nutrients that are beneficial for the strong erection function.

Studies show that Raw Cacao drops your systolic blood pressure by 5-10 points, enabling to expand your arteries and letting the blood flow more freely. This helps to strengthen the blood flow to the penis area and helps to robust erection.

2: Garlic

Garlic has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years by Greeks, Egyptians, Roman, and Chinese. It is used to treat or prevent plague, prevent gangrene, blood pressure and even to ward off the evil spirits.

Garlic is considered as a food for harder erections. It contains an amazing compound called as Allicin. This compound has a significant impact on reducing your blood pressure. Garlic will help your arteries to produce a substance called hydrogen sulfide. This substance will help to increase the blood flow in your arteries and veins.

Raw garlic is the best because when cooked most of its important compounds such as antioxidants and sulfur compounds are reduced.

It is hard to chew raw garlic because it gives a burning sensation in your mouth and gives a bad smell, you can crush the garlic cloves and swallow them with water.

3: Onion

Onion is a great source of minerals and it has many health benefits. It helps to lessen the blood sugar, prevent cancer, gastric ulcer and helps in reducing inflammation and infection.

Onion contains a special compound called aphrodisiacs; this compound helps to thin blood and improves the sexual functionality by increasing libido and increasing testosterone levels in the body, most importantly, by increasing the sexual stamina.

Tips:  Get a white onion, peel its skin off, crush and fry in butter. You can consume with honey to taste better. For best result, consume this mixture when your stomach is empty for at least 2 hours.

This solution will help to treat your erectile dysfunction and impotence and increase your semen.

4: Carrots

Carrot is regarded as a food to help erection. It is good for treating erectile dysfunction because it contains aphrodisiac and high beta-carotene.

Tips: Take a fresh carrot, peel the carrots and cut it into pieces, mix with a half boiled egg and tablespoon of honey. If you take this preparation daily then you’ll notice an improvement with your erectile dysfunction conditions.


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