ED Reverser Review: Is it Able to Resolve ED Issues? 2019 Updated

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ED Reverser Review: Does it Able to Resolve ED Issues?

ED Reverser contains about 100 solutions to reverse erectile dysfunction, including “The Iron Horse Method” that has claimed to resolve many men with sexual difficulties in an extremely short amount of time.

However, this program is not written by a licensed dietitian or by a medical doctor, but by someone who has actually suffered and gone through with lots of frustration situation due to this severe erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, you can expect that this program will not be like anything you’ve ever read or heard about erectile dysfunction as it is not a clinical, academic, medical treatment of male sexuality.

Some users claimed that by the end of the first week of implementing more than seven ideas they’re experiencing erectile grow by more than 50%.

The main objective of ED Reverser is not just to provide you the solution to reverse ED but to make the program the most complete and comprehensive course on ED ever created. – Max Miller

About The Author of ED Reverser

Max Miller Ed Reverser was developed by Max Miller who was suffering from severe erectile dysfunction.

Initially, his wife started to think that he’s losing interest in her, which somehow affects his life and marriage.

However, in reality, he was actually not losing interest but was filled with frustration and humiliation of not being able to complete the sex act.

One night while he was watching TV, he came across something about ancient civilizations. He was fascinated by a legendary man Genghis Khan who was also considered to be one of the most virile men to ever walk the earth.

Historically, it is known that Genghis Khan had more than hundreds of wives, women who were the daughters of foreign rulers who submitted to his rule.  It is estimated that his children were about one thousand.

He was so curious to learn about him and started to do research on the internet about Genghis Khan secret.

He found a scientific study published by Dr. Henry Chang, a noble prize candidate who was a faculty member at an elite Ivy League University.

Dr. Henry Chang was the guy who proved that 1 in 200 men could trace their DNA back to Genghis Khan.

When Miller pays a visit to Dr. Change University he learned so many male virility secrets that were passed down from ancient times.

He was just curious why anyone hasn’t made this cure available in the western world because if it does it would be a gold mine.

But even Dr. Chang wasn’t sure if it would be effective for those living in the western world.

According to Miller, one of the possible reason why it worked like magic for the ancient rulers and Chinese villagers is that they lived in a virtually toxin free environment.

Most of the modern western world are exposed to processed foods, toxic chemical, pesticides that have the potential to lower the testosterone level.

When Miller gets home (United States) he tested himself, and to his surprise, he could actually feel the blood flow being transferred from other areas of the body to his penis.

However, he still couldn’t able to get a full erection but after spending months of research and experimentation, Miller claimed that he is now able to get 100% erection naturally.

This is how the idea emerged to write this program called “ED Reverser”.

It didn’t just treat my ED symptoms. It cured the problem permanently and actually rewound my sexual potency. Now I am ready to share this secret with you.-  Max Miller

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What Can ED Reverser Program Do For You?

It can give you back your health:

It can help create a blueprint for physical well-being and emotional health like you’ve never experienced before.  No matter how worse your erectile condition is you can still regain sexual enjoyment.

It can give you back your pride:

You will learn how to overcome your challenges and change how you approach your sexuality and move those obstacles. You can reclaim a healthy pride in your ability to perform.

It can give you back control over your life:

When something like erectile dysfunction happens to you, you start to believe that life is out of your control.

This book will show you how to reclaim control of the simple function you feel like you’ve lost control, so you can reclaim faith in your ability to control different aspect and element of your life.

Preview of ED Reverser

It contains 120 pages, splitting into 16 different chapters.

From page 1 to 107, (Chapter 1 to 15) it addresses the common problem using a comprehensive biological, psychological and social approach.

It covers many proven effective methods for regaining hard rock erection and building a strong romantic relationship.

As the best is always saved for the last, at chapter 16 (The end chapter), Max Miller has included his personal method called “The Iron Horse” Method.

The Iron Horse MethodThis method is inspired by that Genghis Khan, one of the greatest conquerors in history, the empire he established was even bigger than what Alexander the great was able to achieve.

He is mostly known as the most virile men in history, historically, it is known that until his death at the age 72, he was getting it up and impregnating women with his super-sperm.

Max Miller discovered that Even Genghis Khan was practicing a daily routine of Iron Horse as a way of living.

He claimed that many of the Chinese men who live in remote villages are still practicing this method to this day, men who have never heard of ED drugs.

Inside this program, you will also discover the 5 key points about Genghis Khan which explains why he was so virile right up to until he died of old age. Genghis Khan secret method has helped him to cure his erectile dysfunction.

It has included 7 –Day ED Plan to help you get back your body into a healthy, happy state and reward with firm, strong erection once again.

3 Reasons To Choose Natural Cures And Natural Remedies

3 Reasons To Choose Natural Cures And Natural Remedies

  • Most of the drugs are unable to treat the root causes of erectile dysfunction. It only causes your penis to become more and more dependent on them to get an erection until one day no amount of pills will ever be enough.
  • Many ED drugs can have undesirable side effects that can even put you at a great risk such as changes in vision or sudden vision loss, chest pain, nausea, sweating, irregular heartbeat, and even heart attack.
  • Although the natural treatment works slower than many drugs, the result tends to last longer with fewer to zero side effects.


Every Product Has Its Own Advantages And Disadvantages. Here Are Some Pros And Cons.



  • Less risk of side effects: Natural approaches are usually safe to use over time and it has fewer side effects than those pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Lower Cost: Another advantage of using this program is lower cost, it is much affordable compared to other pharmaceuticals or other intervention.  Prescriptions drugs are so expensive sometimes reaching $100 or less than a month.
  • Widespread availability: Most of the herbs suggested in this program are available at most of the local food store, or you can even grow some of the herbs at home.
  • 100% money back guarantee: if it doesn’t resolve your erectile problem, you have 60 days from the date of purchased to refund the full money.



Medication interactions:   If you are already under prescription drugs, it can interact with such medication. It is important to discuss with your doctor about your medications and new diet changes to avoid dangerous interactions.

Lack of clear Dosage Instructions:  The dosage instruction for certain herbs are not very clear, in this case, there is a chance of accidental overdose. It can cause minor side effects.

Not written by a licensed dietitian or medical doctor: It is only written by someone who has actually gone through with severe erectile dysfunction.

Need to stick to the daily diet regimen: Even if you only have sex once or twice or less you are required to follow the healthy routine arrange by the program for some couple weeks.


  1. Her Best Lover Ever ( Worth $ 47 )
  2. Conquering Premature Ejaculation and Real-World Ways To Fix It ( Worth $ 97) 
  3. Porn Star Sex Secrets: How To Perform Like The Pros ( Worth $117 )


Final Verdict

If you are having erectile difficulties and going through with lots of troublesome and want to get rid naturally then ED Reverser may be the right choice for you.

Max Miller believes that this method can work wonders for you as it helped reversed his erectile problem completely. Therefore, he is confident and has offered you a 100% risk-free guarantee.


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