Chinese Erection Tea For Erectile Dysfunction- Recipes That Really Work

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Chinese Erection Tea For Erectile Dysfunction- Recipes That Really Work

Initially, it was generally thought that erectile dysfunction only occurs in older people, but new research shows that many young men can also have erectile dysfunction.

It is estimated that 40% of men age 40 are suffering from erectile dysfunction and as men get older the number climbs to around 70% by the age of 70 or older.

There are various types of medications available to treat this condition.

However, many men dropped out such prescription due to its side effects or do not want to face the embarrassment of a doctor’s visit for sexual problems.

The researchers have found out some natural options that can improve erection on demand problem.

Taking a nice hot cup of Chinese erection tea can help soothe your mind and alleviate erection dysfunction.

But you also need to remember that some of these herbs carry potential risks or adverse side effect, either alone or when interacting with other prescriptions drugs.

Therefore, you need to talk to your doctors, if you are already taking medications.

Here are some lists of top herbal remedies that are shown to improved sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction.

Top Chinese Erection Tea For Treating Sexual Problem


Asian ginseng is one of the highly regarded herbs when it comes to erection on demand problem.

This herb has become very popular because it has shown to be safe and effective for correcting ED.

Some of the Chinese herbalists recommend drinking at least a cup of ginseng tea daily for people aged 40 or above.

It not only boosts the testosterone level but it also enhances your mental clarity and treats health problems related to stress.

How to make ginseng tea

Here are steps to prepare ginseng tea from fresh or dried ginseng root but the best ginseng tea is made from the fresh root.

Step 1: Clean up the roots by brushing out the dirt with water

Step 2: Peel ginseng and make seven or eight thin rounds slices, about 2 cm thick.

Step 3: Bring one cups of water to boil

Step 4: Coat the ginseng with a generous amount of honey

Step 5: Put the coated ginseng into the water and let it steep for 10 to 15 minutes

Step 6: Strain out the roots and enjoy

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Ginkgo Biloba:

This herb is one of the popular supplement and one of the top selling herbal medicines for men.

It is found that these mysterious Leaves have the potential to treat over 100 diseases.

Ginkgo Biloba has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine; the record shows that members of the royal court in China were given ginkgo nuts for senility.

Today besides treating erectile dysfunction, it is also used to treat many ailments such as dementia, eye problems, tinnitus and intermittent claudication.

The active ingredient of Ginkgo Biloba appears to contain flavones glycosides and terpene lactones which help to increase blood flow and improve circulation.

How to Make Gingko Tea


  • 1 Teaspoon gingko leaf (About 5 leaves)
  • 1 cup of water

Tips: Simply pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of dried Ginkgo leaves and let it steep for about 5 to 10 minutes. Strain out the leaves and pour into a cup and enjoy.

To give a better taste, you can either add honey or lemon juice.


This herb is also included in one of the most suggested natural remedies for treating erectile dysfunction.

Its bark is used as an aphrodisiac because it contains an active ingredient called yohimbine.

It acts as a vasodilator; it helps to expand blood vessels, allowing easier blood flow to your genital area.

However, besides its effectiveness, it also has some adverse side effects which include a rapid heart bit and an increase in blood pressure.

Saw palmetto:

It is a palm-like plant with berries. This herb is used for centuries in China to treat low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Consuming this herb is considered to help in increasing the intensity of orgasm during a sexual engagement.

Saw Palmetto is also good for the sperm production and as well as sexual desire.


This herb is very popular in tea form and is regularly associated with detoxification of the body.

It is rich in antioxidant; it can help remove toxic substances and other impurities in your body.

The facts of this herb are that it is known to promote liver function, as you are aware that the liver is an organ of detoxification.

Some of the herbalists believe that the regular intake of sarsaparilla root tea can help boost testosterone level and deal with the hormone-related male issues.


This herb is commonly known for its mild and sedative properties. The researchers pointed that its sedative properties may be indirectly involved in improving memory and cognition in human subjects as stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.

It is also believed to help reduce erectile dysfunction symptoms by increasing sperm counts and increasing libido.



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