Best Ways to Get a Girl’s Number Fast and Easy

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Best Ways to Get a Girl’s Number

Are you looking for tips on the best way to get a girl number fast? This article explains how to walk up to any girl and start a conversation and get her number without any problem at all.

Getting a girls number isn’t a big deal or something that you should be afraid of. However, you need to consider that getting a girls number isn’t a guarantee for success, you will have to see her again.

You can’t always communicate her face to face, getting her number is the best way to talk to her when you are not with her and win her heart.

Here are my personal best ways to get a girl’s number 

There are different ways to approach a girl, a lot of people say “go indirect” or approach her using some type of question.

However, I find more effective approaching Direct.

Most women have a great bullshit detector, they know when you are not being honest with them or yourself. This is why I recommend you to approach a girl Direct.

I don’t mean to approach the girl directly from behind, so also if she is walking toward you do not jump directly in front of her.

Let her walk a few feet away from you. Try to come up on her side, let’s say 360. It’s alright to come directly even in a crowded area.

You can say like….

“Hi, excuse me…”

Make sure that it’s loud enough so she can hear you. I am sure if she not in a rush, she will more likely to stop.

If she stops, don’t sound rushed or speed up what you have to say in fear that she may leave.

One of the biggest reasons why many guys rejected by girls is because they don’t make an eye contact with them first, so try to make an eye contact before talking to her.

Throughout the conversation, it’s important to relax and slow down when you speak. Try to make sure that she understood each point you’ve made.

Be clear in your intent. Let her know where you stand, don’t be afraid to let her know why you stopped her and express interest in her.

Maybe you think she’s beautiful or maybe you like her style.

You can say like,

Hi, I just had to stop you and tell you that I like your vibe and your style, you’re so vibrant“.  

She is more likely to say thank you.

Here is your chance to introduce yourself.

Be confident when you talk to her and look her in the eyes as you talk to her. When you catch her eyes as you talk, smile at her for a few seconds.

If she smiles back at you, then is can be a sign that she feels an attraction for you too.


What’s your first question gonna be like?

What’s your first question gonna be like?

Relax and try to talk to her with a casual tone, the key here is that you have to ask an open-ended question.

If you ask her a Yes/No question, your conversation ends there!

So when you got her attention try to say something interesting and drop it down and make it simple.

Let’s say,

You are walking down a street

“Do you know where the smoothie place is? I am a huge fan of smoothies and I am in the mood for a smoothie”.

If you are at a coffee shop

“Whoa! That’s cool coffee mugs, what do you think about it?”

If you are at a clothing or footwear store

“Hey I am trying to give a gift to my female friend on her birthday to make her birthday very special but I am really bad at it”.

Do you think you can help me choose?

By the mean time, you can bring up some interesting stories, a sensible topic that keeps her your conversation interesting.

Remember, nobody wants to hear where you work or what’s your specialization at the first go.

Let her do as much talking as she can to keep the conversation keep going. The key here to react more than you are reacting

Finally get her number

After a while, when you have talked, you can say something like…. I better get going; it was nice talking to you.

If she says “Well nice talking to you too, then you turn around and start walking and say… oh, by the way, do you have an email address?

Asking her email address is not what she would be expecting. Almost 90% of the man will ask for the phone number first.

It’s very important to note this, you will be asking like…. If she has an email address, not give your email address.

The truth is…

These days, everybody has an email address; it is very likely that she will say yes! By the way, most of the women will not follow up through email.

Hand her a pen and paper and tell her to write it down for you. And while she is writing, tell her to write her phone number down too.

When she is writing the email down, she is in the mode of saying YES. This is one of the effective ways to get any girls number at anytime and anywhere.

*To approach this technique, always remember to carry a pen and paper

Good luck


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